[New Template] OpenAI Assistant-API Toolbox

It’s OK, work for me. Thanks . It was a trouble with my account. Corrected with a new Key.

One more question: do you Know how I can integrate your template in an app that is already build. ? It is ok for a new app but I don’t have the solution to integrate it in my Webapp.
Thank you

You can’t mix templates with existing apps. But you can try to copy and paste all relevant things of my template into your app.

hi, does this template use bubble’s api connector to make the link to openai? I want to buy it but I need to know this before purchasing it.

Yes. All my AI templates use the Bubble API connector.

I’ve made some bugfixes. If you purchased my template please update to the latest version. And I add a new example assistant. This one will create CSV files for you.

I’ve made a minor bugfix. Please update to the latest version.

I implemented a new and better UI/UX.

NEW: an assistant which generates ideas for AI-Assistants. With detailed instructions for the assistant.

When generating a question to the wizard, the following error occurs.

Do you create an assistant first, select a thread and then create a message for this thread?
Do you use the latest version of my template?