[New Template] Property CRM and Website

Some of our team have been in the proptech industry for the last 8 years. After a lot of debate, we wanted to see if we could build a property start up crm template that can be used with no further customisation as a requirement.

The result is the following template that can be used from day one and allow any property business to expand features where required.

Our favourite feature, is changing the currency once from settings and it changes throughout the application. Have Bitcoin, Yuan, Dollar, Pound and more.

Website UI Home Page

Website UI Property Search

Website Articles Search

*Note only Website UI is responsive in design

Contact List CRM Page

Contact CRM Page

Property List CRM Page

Property CRM Page

The template comes with a lot more like Tasks pages, Article Editor and List, Settings Page.

The template also has a number of reusable elements, to easily add to any new page, such as:

  • Property Editor
  • Task Editor
  • Article Editor
  • Photo Editor
  • Client Editor
  • Header CRM

The template application is aimed at any level of expertise, but should be particular easy to use for newbies. We have labelled almost every element, and try to use small smart workflows and usable element forms, that allow the application to be feature rich, but simple enough to customise.

If you get stuck or wish to reach out with feedback - please email us at info@wegetdesign.com

Link to template store: Templates | Bubble


Just to add, we dropped the price by 50% - Only for the next 14 days.

We have lots of positive feedback and we wanted to thank you with some updates.

We have updated the Property CRM and Website template:

Click Demo to test CRM

Template: Templates | Bubble


To make it easier for Bubble beginners, we have created a number of reusable elements. That can be easily added to your custom pages.


  • Add Photos
  • Change Email (New)
  • Change Password (New)
  • Create / Edit Task
  • Create / Edit New Client
  • New / Edit Article
  • New / Edit Property
  • New Company / Edit Company
  • New / Edit User
  • Property Search (New)
  • Send Message
  • Settings (New)

Just drag and drop into any new page, then associate with the relevant data. We have inserted all of them as examples on the main CRM pages, so you can see how it is done.

Database Update

  • Separated Photo List into its own table, that references Property as a single parent, and Property references the many Property Photos.
  • Additional Fields - Order, File Name

UI and Workflow Update

  • Added Drag and Drop within reusable element - Add Photos
  • Added reorder workflows
  • Added edit and save File Name

  • Added Reusable Elements - Change Email and Change Password


  • Delete Photo

50% Discount has been extended till 30th November. Get the Template now for only $99.

Have a unique concept for your property business?

Let us customise the application to suit your exact requirements.

Just reach out at info@wegetdesign.com

We have recently updated the Property CRM & Website Template.

Including the following new features:

Major Update Includes

  • Responsive Design for CRM
  • Contact Types, new additions, Owner, Applicant, Tenant, Purchaser, Contractor, Lawyer and Admin
  • Tasks have more depth, with groupings and types, including administration, maintenance, and much more
  • New sidebar for CRM, easy on the eye and easy to navigate
  • New Profile Page
  • Revamped Popups
  • New Website Pop up menu
  • Minor fixes in website UI
  • And much more

See Video Overview

If you are interested in this template or any others for customisation, please reach out to info@wegetdesign.com


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