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[ New Template ] Restaurant Delivery App | Admin panel | Shop Page

Hello, This is Enes :slight_smile:

I created a new theme for restaurant owners or delivery startups.

With This Theme, You can:

  • :point_right: Shop page
  • :green_square: category
  • :green_square: multi and only option for product extras
  • :green_square: profile page for your customer
  • :green_square: pay with PayPal
  • :green_square: pay with the cash option
  • :green_square: Pick up and delivery option
  • :green_square: Bookmark option
  • :green_square: Minimum order amount feature
  • :green_square: Support center
  • :point_right: Admin Panel
  • :orange_heart: Order tracking
  • :orange_heart: Product list and add a new product with multi or only option feature
  • :orange_heart: Category list and add new category feature
  • :orange_heart: Admin panel access code who wants to manage your admin panel.