[ New Template ] Food Delivery App +Admin Panel German and English

Hey Bubblers,
We have just published a cool template food delivery app.

  • Users can add them product,
  • create coupon,
  • tracking them orders,
  • send status to them customers (orders pending on the way, canceled and completed ),

And also, our food delivery application is like a native application, you can use it very easily on mobile devices.

  • Paypal or cash options for payments
  • Pick up or home delivery features
  • more and more features on our app.

Please look at our demo if you wonder

English Template Page: Food Delivery App +Full (ENG) Template | Bubble

English Demo: https://restaurantdeliveryapp.bubbleapps.io/

German Template Page: Food Delivery App+Full [GER] Template | Bubble
German Demo: https://restorantdeliveryappp.bubbleapps.io/

Kind regards,

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Mutliple Store

Demo Link:
Demo Video:

Added Multiple Tax rate for multiple store

Step 1: Go To admin Page and Click settings

Step 2: Set Tax Rate input value and click save

You can see as dynamically on orders Receipt

and you can see it in the shopping cart

If you have any questions I can answer them

Kind regards,
Enes EFE

Greate Discount Coupons!!!

50% Discount — FOODY50 for 1 person
20% Discount — FOODY20 for 2 persons
10% Discount — FOODY10 for 5 Persons

Last Date: 11 May 2021

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Nice work

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I created a user guide for new users who want to use our template
The document is still updating.

Nice work ! I wonder can the app also do dine in order from table and a POS systems?

Thank you very much for your opinion

Our app can work on tables and pos devices as in the example below however a few changes may be required within the app.

Example cook panel

Awesome. Like it. How can i PM you for further discussion ? i am still a newbie in Bubble.


Hey Dean,

You can find my contact information below

Email: enes_efe_158@hotmail.com
My Web Site: https://www.iamenes.com/

And also you click my forum profile and send me a message

Kind regards,


Hi all,
I am doing a food business for 5 years and now I have developed a website and launched it a few days ago. Now I am thinking about developing an application for food delivery and other features will include booking your family treats dinners and parties dinners etc.
Is there anyone who can guide me about this and also can estimate its cost?

Hi @emilyamelia769,

Thank you so much for your comment,

My first suggestion is that if you have bubble development experiences you can start with our template full+ or beta version template for food delivery and then you can customize and develop new features when you understand database structure, workflow, and design.

When I was developing this theme from idea to production time is around 3 months (I just developed it myself)

Another suggestion is that you can hire a bubble developer for all of the features from zero to production I guess you need to invest time 1-2 months (depends on what do you want ) around for this project.

If you want to get detailed information, you can reach us from dm. :relaxed::rocket:

Kind regards,

Enes Efe