[New Template] Reusable Elements UI/UX

Current elements:

  1. Subscribe form
  2. Faq
  3. Team
  4. Header
  5. Pricing
  6. Contact form
  7. Single blog post
  8. Benefits info
  9. Footer
  10. Menu

More elements coming soon!

Copy paste the elements into your project. All elements are responsive.

Bellow you can see all the current reusable elements. When you start a new project you can just delete this page and start building your own app by drag and dropping the reusable elements into your app


Starting price is just $49 this will increase over time because the template will become more valuable. When you purchase the template the updates and extra elements are free. You can use the template as much as you like on Bubble. (subscribe to get updates on the elements)

→ Every week we will add more elements and more different styles. (Let us know which elements you would like to see)

For help or pre-order questions please contact me: dave@lookmomnocode.com

After you buy this template you can use it for as many projects as you like, and you can customise the template as much as you like.



Just updated the template with explanation boxes to all the different elements.