[Featured Product Hunt] Kith Elements

Hola Bubble makers!

Kith Elements is a growing collection of elements made on Bubble. The elements are meant to help you get started quickly with pre-designed elements.

:sunny: Brand Consistency
:sunny: Speed up your process
:sunny: Inspiration
:sunny: Fully responsive
:sunny: Different styles for different projects
:sunny: New styles & elements added weekly

The current price is only $49 this will increase when the template is becoming more valuable. Because we’ll keep on adding new elements & different design styles to the element’s template. When you purchase the template the updates and extra elements are free. You can use the template as much as you like on Bubble.

Any questions please let me know below :slight_smile:


Hey, 3 things caught my eye

  1. 2nd icon says “East to Customise”

  2. See demo button doesn’t work

  3. The vertical scroll for “Current elements” is not a good UX, maybe you should consider another layout for it

If you want to sell something like this, your design and UX should really be on point to build trust in your products.


Thanks for the feedback & tips will check it out :slight_smile:

UPDATE: All fixed :smiley:

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