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Qalmly is a platform that connects therapists with users who want to invest in their mental health. Therapists can offer their training programs on the app and users can make reservations to attend them. The app provides a secure and convenient way for individuals to improve their mental wellbeing by giving them access to a range of therapeutic trainings.

The therapist has access to their own dashboard where they can sell their training programs. Users can then make reservations for these programs through the dashboard. This platform allows for seamless communication between the therapist and their clients, making it easier for both parties to manage their schedule and training needs. With the dashboard, the therapist can offer their expertise to a wider audience and earn a living doing what they love.

The therapist has a unique dashboard and personal blog, which allows them to track and manage their clients efficiently. The dashboard gives them access to essential information on each client, such as reservation date, payment info, phone number, email and etc. On the other hand, the blog provides a platform for the therapist to share their insights and expertise, serving as a useful resource for their clients and others in the mental health field. Overall, these tools enable the therapist to provide high-quality care and support to their clients while promoting mental health education and awareness.

This platform enables therapists to track their income, schedule appointments, and provide essential information for their clients. This feature makes it easier for therapists to manage their businesses, giving them peace of mind regarding their finances, scheduling, and overall operations.

The training shop offers a user-friendly platform for clients to browse and select training options based on their interests or needs. Clients can easily make reservations, check training schedules, and monitor their training status.

Customers can conveniently explore the variety of categories offered in the training’s shop. The shop provides easy sorting and filtering options for an efficient search. Users can also view training details to learn more about the course of their interest.

With a simple sign up process, the user can now easily make reservations without any hassle. Once the reservation is confirmed, the user can proceed to the checkout form and make the payment with ease. The user can choose from a variety of payment methods available on the platform, making the process smooth and convenient. With a user-friendly interface and seamless transactions, the booking experience is now more streamlined and efficient for the user.


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