[New Thread] More context on our changes to pricing - FAQs answered

Agreed @andrewgassen, and sorry to hear it was a rough week. Being a mod can really suck.

On the topic of where are the apps that aren’t impacted, while my production app that does calendar stuff is wildly overpriced in the new model, one of my plugin test apps might still fit on a starter plan, depending upon what I’m doing/testing in a given time frame (it’s easy to make it burn 10s of thousands of WUs in a very short timeframe.

Anyway, I think folks who may think they’re not negatively impacted might just not have done the math yet. I note that I did about 20 minutes of fiddling with my silly “drag & drop” Sinatra gallery demo (used for my videos about Floppy’s drag/drop RG feature). This is basically an Airbnb-style picture gallery manager like a lot of social or marketplace or photo/creative/portfolio apps might have.

Just messing around with it for about 20 minutes: Loading the page, logging in, uploading 2 new Sinatras (1024 x 1024 images) via the image uploader, selecting a couple of different galleries, making 2 or three new galleries (which is a thing that’s just a list of object references to Sinatra things in my database), adding “fun facts” (a text field on the Sinatra thing) to the 2 new Sinatras, fixing a little bug in a popup and reloading the page, dragging and dropping my Sinatras around (which is entirely front-end so shouldn’t – and doesn’t seem to – have any WU cost)…

Well, that consumed 204 WUs. At the “Growth” plan pricing for WUs, that’s literally $0.11 – eleven cents! Yowza. (So, at the base Growth plan price, just 406 user-hours per month of such activity would blow through the base price and go into overage territory beyond that.)

These sorts of simple very-typical-Bubble interactions are similar to any activity in a Bubble app and seem pretty pricey, though there’s no precise way to compute how much the raw compute “should” cost for this, as we can with API calls and SSA executions.

“Sinatra pie” :point_up:

If anyone wants to go play around with that page, feel free (I’d like to see other consumption):


Aside: If you’re interested in this sort of feature, here’s my explanation of how it works using Floppy and part 2 here.