[New Thread] More context on our changes to pricing - FAQs answered

If bubble is indeed marking up compute cost by 10000x to 100000x they are going to lose.

It’s so obvious.

If you want to capture the revenue of the big winners, you can’t offer them this a huge opportunity to switch to AWS once the concept is validated.

Really odd leadership with every announcement and update. At this point it’s hard to feel confident in the bubble leadership, even if the pricing is updated. The tool itself is phenomenal but it will become a commodity if Bubble has erratic management that will exponentially increase pricing for existing apps on a moment’s notice.

It’s not so long until you can give GPT5 a list of workflow options, conditional design options, etc, and spit out a Bubble competitor.

Bubble’s key innovation is its modular design but that’s exactly why a 10,000x markup on compute can never work for them. People can and will move away, and the biggest winners will have the highest incentive to do so.