New User is not created when signing in with Google

How can I create a new user on my app database after enabling Google Login?
Currently, the user is able to sign in using Google, but no new user is being created on my app’s database.
I have added the workflow to “Make changes to current user” and then “Go to page edit-user”. The Google data (First Name, Last Name, Profile Photo) are shown on the edit-user page, but when I checked the app’s database, there is no new user being created.

I would appreciate any help or guidance on how to solve this issue.

Turns out the Google login works well, the user is successfully created on my app database.
When I first tried logging ini using 3 different Google accounts (with the same First Name and Last Name, but different email addresses), for some reason my app recognized the login attempts were initiated by the same account owner, so instead of creating a new user account, it made change to existing account (the email address field).

When I tried logging in using incognito, the multiple user account was successfully created.

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