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Register using Google not creating a user

Hey there, I’ve been lurking since October and have finally started working on a project in Bubble. I’m attempting a user login via Google, and everything appears to work correctly with one issue: When a user logs in, they aren’t getting created in the User table. All the Google credentials are correct and I’m seeing everything I expect to, but when I check the database, the Google-authed users don’t show up as entries. Any thoughts?

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@potentialthings glad to know I ain’t going bonkers :blush:
I have been having the same issue for the last few days now - it’s driving me nuts.

Support is aware of it, been back and forth with them, hope this gets fixed asap.

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Whew, ok. I couldn’t think of any step in my flow that I could have been messing up, so I’m actually relieved to hear someone else is having this issue. Thanks for letting me know!

Any update on this? I’m having the same issue.

Figured it out and in case it is helpful for others: Turns out Google had associated multiple of my google accounts together so even though I was logging in with a different google account, a new user was not being created by bubble since google had already linked all of my accounts together. So, in summary, Sign in with Google is working properly and if you need to test it, you may want to create a completely new gmail account that is not associated with any other google accounts.

However, it has brought up a separate question: how do I access a google users basic info? Seems like all Bubble is grabbing is their email, but it would very helpful to get some other basic info (e.g., first and last name, picture, etc.)