New user, need in-app invoicing

Hello. I’m new to the Bubble forum.

We’re currently building a web app that will require a type of invoicing system for users. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a way to send an invoice from one user to another, and connect to our payment gateway.

I’ve looked through the pre-built templates and modules, but I was surprised that I couldn’t find anything.

Any suggestions?

OK, I’ve been experimenting with the functions and I’ve figured out how to create a line item that shows total = qty * price.

What I’m having difficulty with so far is creating a sum total of the total lines. Any suggestions? I’ve tried the “calculate formula” command and a basic (value)+(value) command but none of them give me any results.

What am I missing?

OK, thanks to everyone for the help.

I think I’ve figured out how to get the totals to sum by using simple strings in the “initial content” field of each input box. The screen shot shows all the fields add correctly.

The issue I get is that, when adding new lines or input fields, old input parameters often reset themselves to different values in the ‘content format’ setting. For example, ‘currency’ format keeps resetting itself to ‘decimal’, and I have to go back and change it.

Also, sometimes fields won’t follow the command string to add numbers, and I have to change the ‘style’ field to get them to work properly.

Any thoughts?

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