[CLOSED] Freelancer needed to build invoice functionality

Freelancer needed over weekend/next week.

I’m building invoice functionality for my app but I’m relatively new to bubble and need some help.

My app is designed to be run on mobile devices but will also be used in PC browsers (simply a stretched version of the screens).

I have set up tables in the database - invoice table and invoice rows table.

I have an invoice screen with all the elements on it. That screen calls 6 pop-ups which are also ready with all elements on them. The first of the popups calls two other popups (lists). Screen grabs available in ZIP file here https://www.dropbox.com/s/39gdpe7umvpr5vl/Invoice.zip?dl=0.

I will be building a full-page invoice layout/template suitable for printing and I will be sorting to conditionals on all the elements on the existing screens.

Meanwhile, I need someone who can:

  • Check the data tables because I’m not sure what should be a thing vs list of things, and what should be text, integer or decimal.
  • Connect all the input (and some text) elements on the various screens to the relevant records in the tables.
  • Create an invoice numbering system that is based on yymmddnn where nn is the number of the invoice produced that day. The nn may need to be stored on a table in the DB of a search of invoices for the last number used - I want the fastest way to do this.
  • Build the invoice functionality ensuring that any totals/subtotals on the main screen and popups are correct.
  • Handle currency the best way - app will be used in US and Europe. Right now I have the currency symbol stored in a data table but perhaps we can just get it from the user’s international settings.
  • On ’06 Taxes Popup’ the taxes on the invoice will vary from state to state and country to country. So far I can not find a need for more than a max three although that may change. I have them stored as a list of texts but it might be better to store them in a DB table so I need you to decide. It is also worth nothing, something I’m not sure how to handle, that in (a) in some places the taxes are calculated on each section of the invoice (pars, labor, other), (b) in other places the taxes are calculated by geography (state, county, local), and © in others it can depend on the job done so repair jobs on brakes have zero sales tax but on other jobs the parts and labour do have taxes. I need help to implement this flexibility not in DB table. Th invoice can assume (b) for now to speed up implementation.
  • On ’05 Discount Popup’ the radio buttons have a large vertical spacing between them which I am unable to do with the current bubble radio buttons so help is needed to get the spacing required.
  • Give me advice on the most suitable plug-in, push data into the full-size template page I am producing, put a time out of 7 days on that specific instance of the page (URL of page is deleted on 8th day), make the invoice into a PDF, enable printing of the PDF.

You can see my app invoice page on https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=invoice&id=hoshi&tab=tabs-1

Please DM me if you are interested and let me know your expected completion date and cost. Thanks in advance.

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Great scope! I built a multi currency accounting, quotation and invoicing module for our app.

So I think this could be fairly easily adapted to your app. I DM’ed you!


Thank you those who sent me a DM. I’m in Europe here so only seeing them now. I will respond to each of you this morning. Thanks again.

Thanks again everyone. I have reached agreement with somebody who just happens to have built exactly what I need so it will be faster and cheaper to copy that over and adapt that to build from scratch. I appreciate you taking the time to read my scope and DM me.


Surely I can assist you for the same.

Please reach me on austin.efi@gmail.com or Skype me: austin@cisinlabs.com

Best Regards,
Austin W.

Thanks Austin but as per my last comment, this job is now closed.

Any of you newbies like me who need help over hurdles or want an audit of your approach, or more advanced users who need an extra set of hands, I’m posting here to let you know what an excellent job Vincent56 (see his post above) did for me. He really knows his stuff, is smart, easy to work with and won’t break the bank. He has not asked me to post this, nor does he know I’m doing it, but I know how invaluable it is to have a reference when hiring someone and I would not hesitate to hire Vincent again.


Hey @vincent56 I would like to add an quotation and invoice system to an almost already web app I have bee developing in the lasts months in bubble.

I would like to know how if you could help me with that.


Carlos Escobar

We are working on a module like that which will be available through openBuild but unfortunately cannot put a definite timeline on it.

Thank you, I just installed it and seems amazing.
Looking forward to that module.

Carlos Escobar

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