New version after deployment not always clear for users

Today my users came to me in panic mode: they had uploaded (meaning ‘created thing’) invoices only to realize someone had already done this before, it was just missing.

I looked at the data from all sides, but whatever was created before did not exist in the database. However, they were very positive that it was created.

Then earlier this week a user shared a screen and showed me two versions (!) of the live app in different tabs. He said he booted his laptop and opened the browser to continue working. He thought that shutting down and rebooting would make sure the browser you open gets refreshed.

I think that the browser was loading from cache and until there was a page change, no new version was loaded.

The big problems here are:

  1. For the first situation, my guess is that this user had multiple tabs open (which they confirm they have) with the live app and in the one they were working got the black update bar. They refreshed that tab and continued working. When they switched to another tab (with the old version) for some reason the black bar disappeared and all changes made thereafter where not saved until the page was changed/refreshed.

  2. For the second situation it seems that when you close your browser and shut down your computer while in the meantime there has been a system update, no black refresh bar gets shown when you load the pages again (from cache).

So the questions/concerns: is it possible that the black bar disappears when the app was updated in another tab? Or disappear over time? Is it possible that the black bar will not show when a user opens a cached session?

I hope the seamless update comes quickly because almost sure there was an issue with this for certain things to not have been created. Unfortunately I cannot check the server log because it only goes back 24hrs for my plan. :frowning:

Idea: It will be ‘safe’ to have with the black warning an auto page refresh after 10 min or so. Are we able to catch the warning and act on it? We can also create an auto-logoff after 1-2 hours of inactivity?

I’m not sure this is related, but one of my students today build a simple workflow to add things to one table. Workflow was seemingly all right (plain and simple, Create a new thing), but under Data Tab | App Data new things were missing after we tested the WF. We deleted the workflow, build it again and it behaved the same.

After that, the student closed the IE browser and reopened it and, voila, the things were there.

@eftomi, did you submit a bug for this? Here’s a link:

I recommend doing so because this helps the bubble team identify bugs in their system and fix them for you, and for all of the other entrepreneurs who are using bubble.

@vincent56, that sounds strange. I’m not quite sure how caching works on Bubble so I’m probably not the best person to help you on this.

One point I would like to add though - I’ve definitely run into the experience where a user thinks they submitted something and actually didn’t. Perhaps they just forgot to click “save” or perhaps they just misremembered.

I don’t mean to imply that in this instance your user is wrong. I’m simply mentioning it because it’s possible and it may be helpful for you in troubleshooting.

Best of luck!

Thanks. But in this case I’m sure that they actually try to save something becauae a related action on another page was completed. They only do that when they completed rhe previous action.

But more concerning I find the issue with the browser opening after an update and not ahowinf rhe black bar. Hopefully the. Bubble team can chime in there.

For our internal users this can be fixed by sending an email asking to start fresh but for external users this is impossible.

Bug report done.