Perpetual updating and can't test dev site

Please help!

My site is on a perpetual update cycle in development for some reason, so every time I refresh the preview, it says I need to refresh as the site has been updated.

Anyone had this issue before? I’ve submitted a bug report but given working hours of the team I’m hoping there’s some other way around over the weekend so I can continue building and testing my site.


We ran into the same issue on production, although ours was occasional and not perpetual. It’d force our customers to refresh their page even though we hadn’t pushed the app (we do a lot of video conferencing in our app so having customers refresh the page ends their video calls - not at all ideal).

Initially, Bubble’s support told us this was expected behavior, and encouraged us to just deal with it. (wtf!)

After pushing back, they acknowledged that it was a bug and other customers had also previously experienced it and previously reported it. They said they’d have their engineers look into it (don’t know why they hadn’t done so before if other customers had reported it). I haven’t heard back from them on this issue since.

In my experience, Bubble’s support focuses on getting back to us quickly but doesn’t care if the answer is at all helpful. It’s as if they’re measured on response times but not at all on whether they fixed our problem.

As such, we’ve found the only way to get these types of issues fixed is to submit a bug report and to follow-up on it to make sure they’re addressing it. Don’t let them blow you off if it’s an issue for your app – because they will try.

I feel your pain. Best of luck!!

It is definitely one of my troubles and the classic answer given does not happen on our side. I just switch from development to live version and Bubble wants me to refresh the page. Nevertheless, I did not make it accepted as a bug in a few reports.

So I prepared a separate RG. I check when the user last logged in. Thus, if there is a possibility online, I do not switch to the live version.

Sorry - struggling to understand what you mean here. Could you please clarify?

Of course, and please don’t say sorry, this was all due to my haste.

If my users fill a long form or there is a long process in the app, deploying some things may cause them to abandon the app.

So I have been using a simple method on my admin pages for a while to make sure that users are not using the app in the meantime.

First of all, I added a field to the user data type.


I update this field every time they log into the app and repeat this check every 15 seconds.

I add a Repeating Group on the admin page and check who and when it was last online among users.

I have been doing what I need to do about the live version if no one has been online for a while. For example: Deploy some things or check logs.

Since I have noticed the bug in the subject, I have been using this simple solution if I need to switch to the live version to check logs or other things.

Unfortunately, this bug is not a continuous thing and it is very difficult to prove. So I will use such a method for a while.

I hope I could clarify.


You’d have to be careful implementing this. I don’t really recommend it but…

You can forcefully hide that “refresh page banner” by using the following css:

.bad-revision {
  visibility: hidden !important;

I think it’s probably fair that bubble shows that banner sometimes, even if it is not us prompting the refresh (by updating the app).
Bubble is like the mother-app, it’s updates trickle down to us all. An overhead alert, to refresh the page is good practice for many reasons.

Your use case is interesting though because it indeed compromises your apps functionality. If users are inclined to refresh the app (and they will click…), it ruins the video conference.
So you can try just puting that css on your page (or forcing it, based an a conditon=yes on the page - such as when the video conference starts).

In fairness to this thread, a bit better versioning control may be in order.
Ideally, @sridharan.s’s app users, should only see the refresh banner, when he himself pushes an update. Although I can also reason with the alternative side. Perhaps It is very valuable, for Bubble to make sure that all the pages in the ecosystem get updated in certain instances. The alert is good for debugging also, generally speaking.
So I think it is probably fair for support to say that this is “expected behaviour”

Although the refresh bar should definitely not be flickering like a strobe light.

I think I forgot what the original post was all about haha.

@beccijanereid ya that would be a situation for a bug report.

We’re on a dedicated server so Bubble’s code changes are not supposed to ever be implemented in our app without us specifically upgrading the version of Bubble that’s run on our servers.

As such, this certainly is not expected behavior.

Your right. I gave it a bit more thought. I agree.

It definitely shouldn’t happen on a dedicated server, and ideally it should not happen on live sites at all (unless we push the update ourselves). I see random updates in dev. sometimes, but I generally don’t think much of it.

Sorry if I made it sound like you were wrong.

No worries - I took no offense. Appreciate you sharing ideas for solutions!

I did a full re-boot of my computer after clearing all my cache again, and it seems to be ok now! Maybe it needed a weekend too :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for everyone’s input!!!