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New Video Course: Build a smart appointment booking system 📅

Happy to announce our newest course is now live! “Code-Free Booking: Build a smart calendar booking system that can be launched or integrated into your app with Google Calendar”

With over 1100 upvotes on our “courses you’d like to see next” page, this has been in demand for good reason. It’s a pretty tricky thing to do without code!

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • build a real-time appointment booking system
  • use the Google Calendar API for pulling availability and scheduling events
  • create a sharable booking page per user
  • integrate this system into an existing app

PS - I’m offering all current Bubble users 20% off for the first three months of membership. Just use the coupon code “cfsforbubble” when checking out (edit: click on the rocket icon under the Subscribe button to see the coupon area)

2018 update: Code-Free Startup has been acquired by Zeroqode :tada:- any questions can now be directed to @ZeroqodeSupport or [email protected]


Does this rely on Google Calendar? Can it be used for a marketplace with multiple users (each one has their own schedule)?


It relies on Google Calendar (we use the API) to connect, pull in event data, and push new events to. And yes, we design the booking system to generate a unique booking page for each user, so it could be used in a marketplace format. :slight_smile:

Interesting! Does each user need their own Google account/need to link to Google calendar? I can’t see a preview of the class so not sure what your solution is like. Do you have any preview videos/links to a working solution, or images of the calendar implementation?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m definitely interested in this and echo @plund’s thoughts - any previews?

I’m building a calendar scheduling system for a marketplace. Each user has their own listings and they can set their schedule for each listing. They set a schedule by doing the following:

  1. User selects class frequency - e.g. daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, one-time
  2. User then selects start + end date. E.g. 1st Nov to 1st Dec
  3. If the user has chosen daily, it will add a class each day from 1st Nov to 1st Dec. If user has chosen weekly, classes will be added on the 1st Nov, 8th Nov, 15th Nov etc.

Would your course be suitable? Do users need to have a Google account? Do they interact with a Google interface?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Working on a preview app, but happy to throw together some images in the meantime. The interface we build is barebones/nothing fancy, and really the meat of the course is the implementation of the Google Calendar API, booking page generation and real-time updates of booking availability.

To answer your question about GCal, a user needs a GCal account to sign up + integrate their calendar into a booking page. But anyone that visits their booking page can book on it directly without a Google account, they just provide email/name/phone and we send a POST request to Google to create the event.

And @pc001 the course sounds like it would suit your needs except I’d issue a word of caution for repeat/scheduled bookings. There are a few bugs I ran into with the Bubble API connector and recurring events, even with it working smoothly on Postman. I have some open tickets with the Bubble team that will hopefully get resolved soon. Besides the connector issues, there are also some small bugs with the Bubble Full Calendar plugin, which we hack around by fetching users current time zone. Definitely a tricky thing to build with Bubble but a MVP is definitely feasibile.

@brentsum This course looks like it could be useful but wanted to share what I’m building and to see.

Right now, I have 20 or so close friends/family that I keep in touch with. I have a spreadsheet that I use to make sure I’m keeping in touch with them but it’s time consuming, etc, etc.

I’m building an app where I can sync my calendar and each of my friends can also add their calendar. Then the app will schedule calls, events, etc based on when we are both free. The creation of the calls and everything I have figured out.

My question is, in this class will I be able to learn.

  1. how to sync with an individual users account
  2. Identify when an individual user and a pair of users share free time?
  3. Automatically create an event (calendar event, call, text) based on when both people are free?


I bought your course but it seems like the API part is outdated. Google changed the UI for their cloud platform a lot and it’s hard to follow the tutorial. It seems like a quality tutorial so would greatly appreciate some update on that part.