Booking System Question

Hi everyone,

I’m looking either a plugin or external API service to allow users to have a unique calendar where they can create available appointments (like in Calendly), which we can then show in Bubble (hopefully as a calendar embed).

Do you have any suggestions that aren’t $100/mo +


I think Calendly uses this API, check it out: Scheduling Bookings For Multiple Users with Timeslots (Too Much Data?)


@help are you only looking for either a plugin or API?

You can also build the whole calendar (availabilities scheduling + display available time slots + bookings) on Bubble - happy to show you how I did it if you’re interested. You might find that helpful as well: [Tips] Let Users setup their daily availabilities

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Thanks a lot! That would be awesome -I’ll drop you a pm

Thanks - we’re needing multi-user support which is too expensive

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I’d love to know what you decide to do @help. Having the same problem

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Looping in @ambroisedlg who is the genius behind our system, I believe he can help on a consulting basis

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Have you seen this?

Thanks for the kind words Reece! @Boost feel free to reach out if you want my help