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New Video Tutorial: Building Responsive Pages

I just posted a 30-minute tutorial to Youtube about how to use Bubble’s responsive engine:

It took some time to learn the new responsive functionality, but after using it I’m really impressed with how it turned out. I think the decision to make pages responsive without impacting the ease/magic of drag + drop page building is the right call. The students that are taking my Build a marketplace like Airbnb course were curious about how to implement the new feature with some of the pages they already created, so I decided to turn the first part of the lesson loose for everyone in the Bubble community.


A tutorial, and you’re not even charging people. STOP THE MADNESS!

Congrats. Good work.


Just perfect as add-on to the course, just learned many others stuffs, thanks.


I was wondering, why you did not start the “Responsive chapter” in the beginning of the lessons. I started my site using Stripes (full width) and now find it cumbersome to change everything in order to fit things around.

Keeping mobile device in mind, I was thinking of building another site for mobile users and diverting the mobile traffic to those pages.

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Introducing responsive too early in the course would cause some confusion, as I really want students to become proficient with drag+drop designing before worrying about different site layouts. I think Stripes are the only deprecated feature with the move to responsive, and I’ve updated the course to recommend that instead, you draw a shape or group element that expands to the width of the page.

If you don’t want to mess around with responsive at this stage, I think building the separate mobile site is still a viable option. Long-term though, it is a bit cumbersome to have to change elements in two different versions, rather than just applying changes to one and having the responsive engine take care of the rest.


I think you are taking the right approach.

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Sounds like a plan. Thanks

Great work!
Looking forward to watching it!

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I learned a lot, very well done tutorial

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Agreed. Really useful.

However, proof, if indeed any proof was needed, that making even a simple page responsive is a long process. And not one that most MVPs need.

And also raises the bar for Bubble videos pretty high.


Thanks! And I think similar to how you have to train a machine learning algorithm, the responsive engine will take less and less time to get correct the more it’s adopted and the more data Bubble gathers to tweak it.

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Yeah, but responsive pages are never going to be cookie cutter with Bubble. You can get that with Wix/Weebly etc but Bubble allows you a lot of freedom with your design.

As I said, watching an expert tweak a page was both a) really helpful as I now understand the parameters I need to work with (designing stuff isn’t a skill I have !) and b) a little worrying in terms of what I have to do to even simple pages. Not everything I build needs to be responsive to be made live.


And here I was thinking i was a noob for tinkering with one page for hours. Once you actually know what you’re doing its a lot quicker but still takes a lot of time! At least seeing that was some consolidation :slight_smile:

Great inspiration to see the timelapse you created too. Tells me I need to work harder to get my app finished :dizzy_face:

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Oh wow! You can shift+click to group elements?! Wish I’d known that an hour ago…

Great video… really useful :slight_smile:


@brentsum… quick question about deprecation… how do collapsible groups work in responsive??

It has the same behavior as before.

Fantastic tutorial. Thanks @brentsum!

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