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New way to sort WF?

Hello guys,

I was wondering whether or not some of you are a little bit lost with a lot of workflows on some pages?

@emmanuel is a new/custom way to sort workflows on your roadmap?


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Need this ! After 20 30 WFs it gets very confusing to remember which one is which

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It’s been on our list, but we don’t have a really good solution in mind right now. Dragging and dropping workflows is not a super easy fix, as we need to save the order, etc. Happy to hear suggestions though.

What about color coding workflows? You could set the element options tab to have a workflow color tab. That way any workflows that relate to that workflow are color coded that way.

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I was thinking about something like this but I don’t know what amount of work it represents on your side.

That might not appeal to all users. I love the blocks as they are currently, but I am a visual thinker, which is what I think Bubble is geared towards.

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You’re right, but I was not suggesting to change the look of it which is great as it is. But much more the way to sort WF. I think the directory architecture is both easy to understand (widespread among all our computers/smartphones…) and good to manage complexity.

I was thinking color coding as well. If I could change the color of the boxes it would be easier to go straight to my checkbox workflows (as there are many) if I could set them all to be the same color

Problem I see with color coding is when you have a WF that belongs to more than one set it is not very useful.

Maybe also be able to link multiple boxes so they show up next to each other?

Why not use folders, like in iOS?

We’re open to changing this – we don’t love it either – but one thing to point out is that you can edit the name of an event… instead of “When Button X is clicked…” you can make it say something more useful like “Finish filling out the form” or whatever


I vote on:

  1. Group WF in “folders” (iOS behavior, click the folder and inside WF are displayed)
  2. Choose colors for the “WF blocks”
  3. Tag 'em (#login, #user details etc) - making it easier to visualize, filter etc
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So we’re still going to think about it, but we pushed 2 improvements that should help:

  1. we’re now sorting elements workflows by type first, and then by element names, so events that apply to the same element will be side by side which makes much more sense.
  2. you can pick a color for an element, if you want to start grouping them by color. Just pick a color in the dropdown under the condition.

let us know what you think!


Very handy!


awesome this helps a ton!

Nice improvement! – sorting by element type and name; and marking by color too.

Helps not only in navigating workflows efficiently. But both also help for QA/Testing purposes!

For example in sorting workflows, if you have a panel of 4 buttons that each have 3 conditionals, that should be 12 workflows, but if there are only 11, you can easily see one conditional workflow is missing, without having to dig through each of the various workflows to see why one button is not working and in which condition. Not easy to notice before with the workflows spread out all over.

Or for example in using colors, if I have a button workflow with a minor conditional that is not displaying right, but have bigger priorities at the moment. I can Mark the workflow in red, as a visual reminder to fix later, rather than it getting lost on a messy list of things to touch up. Very helpful in conjunction with the Workflow Notes to mark and document status of QA/Testing, and also rolling out workflow level improvements on a group of elements.


The new color coding is fantastic! Thanks guys
I am in the process of cleaning up my workflows right now.

I had a second thought on this, while organizing my workflows.
It might prove to be an extra layer of organization if we could someday put workflows into “folders”

An example use case would be:
If I have 80 workflows operating through 7 ‘Groups’

I could organize my 80 workflows into 7 properly named folders : [Group title1] [Group title 2]

^ this would be especially applicable as application get larger and larger.

We just added a folder view. See this

and let us know how it goes!


The folder names doesn’t show in Firefox