Changing Order of Workflows/ Enable Workflow Groups

Hi guys and girls!
So I’m fairly new to bubble and my project is getting bigger day by day. At the moment created workflow elements are organized by alphabet (correct me if I’m wrong). So they easily get lost in the bunch.
It would be cool if you could simply drag and drop them in a specific order. Or even better, if you have a workflow in which you trigger for example a custom event, you could group them somehow to highlight their relation to each other. Maybe you could even show with some simple arrows which workflow activates the other and then give the whole group a name as well.
This would help to make the workflow clearer.

When you are on the workflow tab, there is a thin vertical bar with a left or right triangle. Click to open it and you can add workflow folders and then assign your workflows to folders. Will this achieve what you want?


Oh cool! Yes, that is somewhat what I imagined. Thanks for the tip.