Newbie API Questions

I have bugerall experience with APIs and am forced to try to setup the Cloudconvert API for my app. My very first question is when I created my API key it gave me what it called a token which is 1,135 characters in length. Is this the API key? Is it supposed to be so long? And why is it called a token and not an API key?

Secondly how do I know whether to set my API to private key in header or private key in url? The service provider makes no mention of either.

My third question is CloudConvert says
"Requests are authenticated using the Authorization: Bearer API_KEY header. "

So does this mean I have to place these texts in the “Shared Header for all calls” part of the API connector? And what do I put under “Key”? The text that says “Authorization”? And if so, is it with or without the colon? And under value do I literally type Bearer API_KEY or do I replace “API_KEY” with the 1,135 character token I was given by Cloudconvert?

Yes I have watched a few API tutorial videos but none of them touched on any of these things

You can select in the auth dropdown api key in header. You will have two fields. One should already be set to Authorization while the second one you will enter Bearer APIKEY

Thanks so I assume I replace APIKEY with the 1,135 character token right?

yes… don’t forget to keep Bearer

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Thank you