Newbie Help Please

Hi. I need to know if my potential app has this technical capability within bubble.

I want to create a database of business services that cover specific UK postcodes. The database will be held on a third party CRM called pipedrive, and the database will then be updated with new business listings by an API, as and when I update it.

The web app will allow users to set search by business service or UK postcode. Once a suitable business has been found by the user, the web app will have the option to send a message directly to that business, whether it be SMS, Email or Push notification (if i get it wrapped and released on app stores)

The eventual goal is to get the web app wrapped and published to the app sores for IOS and android, to allow users to directly get it from the app store. But I need to know if bubble is ther platform for me.

If there is a template available for this exact scenario, then that would be great as I have funds available.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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