Is Bubble right for me? (New PaaS Business)

Hi Everybody,

I’m looking to develop my app in Bubble but I’d like to make sure that Bubble is right for me before I dive in deep. I’ve already done the tutorials and have been thoroughly impressed of what is possible in Bubble.

My aim is to build a Platform as a Service business. This means that any future clients I acquire will need to application to connect to their database (AWS, Azure, Google etc.). Is this possible in Bubble? What plug ins are required? Are there any additional costs or drawbacks to consider?

This platform will forecast business performance over a period of time based on actuals. So it will require a sophisticated database (at least sophisticated by my intermediate understanding of databases) with the ability to read/write/override values. It will need to be able to use formulas to project out actuals, display it, but still enable the user to override values as they see fit. Is this possible? Are any plugins required?

Thank you!