Nextcloud/ownCloud Plugin by Alex Hoyau

Greetings nocoders <3

I am releasing my 3d plugin today :smiley:

Thank you for your support with this one too, let’s make a great plugin for Nextcloud and ownCloud!



No reaction here? Nobody uses nextcloud?
Why not?

There are hosted versions and it’s easier to use than ftp (people do use the ftp plugin)

Also it’s better than dropbox or Google drive for the privacy of your users and I use it to transfer sensitive info

I am sure no coders know about this great hackable open source product… Let me know here if you have answers :slight_smile:


Small question, is it possible to display directly an image stored on owncloud?

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Yes you can do that
To illustrate this i just added an image preview in the demo app:

The process is:

  1. use the “download” action in a workflow
  2. when it comes back, it’s body is a URL => store it in the image state
  3. in the image, set the URL as the image state

Are these instructions clear to you?

Hi mate, i wish to purchase this. ( some question b4 I made the purchase )

  1. I with to use Nextcloud as the Box plugin ( to store image, replacing S3 )
  2. doing a marketplace-like app, user can upload product image.
  3. there will be a product page.

i see your example page, its like a google drive, browsing folder and file uploaded.
possible to do what listed above?

Yes, these use cases are covered
Please try the demo with real life files, because there are limitations with file size for example
Have a nice day

@zhihong0321 did you try the plugin? what do you think about it?
Thank you

Hello Alex, your plugin is very interesting! I would like to try your plugin but i cannot connect to my NextCloud with your demo. I gave my username, password and the URL that was provided by my NextCloud for webdav but I get a code 500

Do we need to change some settings or something else to enable the connection ?

Thank you

Hi @guillaumehernandez14
Thank you for getting in touch
I’m currently in vaccations, please expect an answer next week

Oh and it should just work, no need to change something on your side

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I have an error when I try to upload a file in your demo:

An error occurred

Please make sure the connection info you provided are correct. Also check the limitation of the nextCloud/Owncloud plugin in the plugin page. And finally check your access rights.

If you think this is still an issue with the plugin please get in touch with me (

I just tried with a jpg and it worked
Can you try again now? Maybe it was temporary
Also what is the file you are uploading? (Size, extension)
Have a nice day