No back-end workflow for agency plan apps?

Can anyone confirm are backend workflows now turned off for agency plan apps?

Hi @laura.oppenheimer not sure if this is an oversight or intentional but either way, very difficult to build apps for clients if we can’t build back-end workflows as part of the app.

Thx in advance!

Definitely working fine for me.

What do you mean by ‘turned off’?

They aren’t running? Or you can’t access them?

hmm interesting, it’s not even visible for me:

what if you create a new free app and then convert to agency?

cc @adamhholmes

Have you turned backend workflows on in the app settings?


Whoops! Lol that might be it will take a look thx!

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yep, duh, that was it thanks @adamhholmes ! Thought i was going crazy!

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