Question About Agency Plan - Just Signed up

Sorry if this question has been asked before, I couldn’t seem to find an answer.

I just signed up for the agency plan, as 3 of the apps I’m working on are for clients, and I figured it would be easier to build using full features instead of placing each one on a personal plan, as the cost adds up quickly.

Is it possible to assign existing free projects to the agency plan? because it seems like they’re still on my free personal plan. Basically, none of the backend API workflows are working and I’m getting the “The Schedule API Event action requires access to the API and the scheduler. Please upgrade your plan to run this action.” message.

It’s unclear to me whether or not these types of workflows are included in the agency plan, but after reading through the details of the agency plan, it seems like they are, I’m just not seeing it.

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated.

You need to change the plan from free to agency. After which you can use the backend workflows