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No Border Color Option for Independent Border in Conditional tab

If all borders are defined together then you can define the border color in the conditional tab.

If you have independent borders, then the option to define individual border colors does not show.

If you want to alternate between several colors fo a single border, I am not sure that can be done…

However if you are trying to display a solid independent border in a specific color, this can be done by preselecting the color in the style of the element…

That’s strange. Can you file a bug report and we’ll look into it.

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This is my first message. So first, Thanks for building such a cool platform @emmanuel, it’s awesome!

I’m the same problem here. In the style tab I can define border width, color, roundness and style for each border, but in the conditional formatting part I can only define style and roundness.

It’d be cool to have all the options also in conditional formatting

Hi, I confirm that I have the same issue when I start from scratch. However when I create a Button from the templates provided by Bubble, the independent borders can be edited in the conditional tab. As you can see in the screenshot attached, my Button (Account) doesn’t have the same options than in the Bubble template button (Library).
Thank you for your help

@romain.stasderichell his is due to the defined main style. If “Define each border independently” is activated there, it can also be set separately for each border in the conditions. If it is deactivated, it is not possible to activate it later in the conditions.


Thank you so much :blush:

Hello Emmnuel,
It seems this issue still persists till date. I can see no news about it in this post or forum. Do ou have some news?

Thank you :wink: Regards

Sorry, this thread is quite old. What is the issue you’re hitting?

Hi Emmanuel. It occurs that when we do a Conditional for any Element, seeking to change only one side border color by the property to change when true list, we only see an option for Border style - all borders, but not for each border independently.
Even an old issue without solution feedback, maybe Bubble can pick up the subject again. Thanks for your time and help :wink:


Same issue for me. I have defined each border independently. However, when I go into setting conditional for that particular item, there is no ability to change the border for a particular side.

Ok, so this is strange, but I swear I tried it 20 times. On the 21st attempt, it worked. Not sure why. But what I did was go in and make a slight change to the border settings. That seemed to force it to rethink the available options.

Hi @finsenseiteam
I guess this topic was forgotten by other several urgent issues by Bubble, as priority, I guess…
Unfortully, When we open a support ticket directly to Bubble support team, they ask us to search a Forum help. However, as we can, there is no certainty of a return… :sweat_smile:

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I cant seem to find in the condition the border setting independently, I’ve noticed I can still set it up in style and so I did.