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Is this a bug with the conditionals tab?

Hi all,

I am creating a side menu for a dashboard I am building and I want to make a menu item group’s background color to change on hover. I have made a group and when I go to create a Conditional, I selected "When Group E is hovered > Select a property to change when true > Background Style > Flat, it doesn’t show me any option to change the background color. However, when I select a different property to change e.g. Right Margin, it shows me a box to change the margin number.

Apart from Group E, I also tried When “This group is hovered” option and I still don’t see any option to change the color. Please see below video.

Before submitting a bug report I want to make sure if this is a bug or expected behaviour and if I am doing something wrong.

Any help would be appreciated!

Background style and background colour are two different things…

So once you select background style ‘flat’ you then need to select background colour, and choose your colour.

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Ahh! I feel like an idiot now haha. Thanks for clearing this up @adamhholmes

However, when setting the background style for a repeating group, as soon as I select “Flat Color,” the option to change the color appears without me having to then chose the Background Color operator and then set the color. I think I should stop assuming settings will be the same across the editor!

Thanks again :smiley:

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