No clickable link in multiline input possible?

Hey there,

i try to build a messenger with the possibility to have a clickable link, wenn an url is insert.
But i can´t get a workaround to do this.

Do i need to extract something? but how can i filter a url out of a text?

I use the pastel messaging template to figure it out.
Hope some of you can help!

Thank you!

You should be able to pull out any hyperlinks from the text, and then display them. Putting them as clickable in the input box is probably rather hard.

Hey @NigelG thanks for your help. I was fooling around with this problem and some steps where sucessfull but still not flawless. maybe we can get it working together?!
These are my steps:
1. Create a multiline input and a button:
2. Button workflow: When clicked - create a new thing (messages)
content = multiline input value
link = multiline input value:extract with regex

i used this regex:
found here: regex - Regular expression to find URLs within a string - Stack Overflow
3. Database: Create a new table called messages. In this table you can find the content of the message and link. Like you can see the extraction works fine.:blush:

4. RG with a Textfield:

The textfield in the RG ist set to display the saved content of the message
5. Get the Link going with find&replace:

when you use the find&replace function there is the option to find the things you want to replace with regex.
so i filter the messages content with the same regex and replace that with the like in the image.
6. Working link:

This works only with https:// before the url.
When you try it with only www like it gets extracted to the database but when the find&replace function comes in - bubble generates everytime the url of my bubble app and puts the link behind it.

@NigelG some ideas on that problem?

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I’m sure you’ve already found a workaround @metzka.steffen, but here’s mine anyway. If anyone has a better one, I would love to use it since mine has limitations.

My workaround is as follows. It’s functional on my app, but will turn all links into https (or http if you desire for unclear reasons). In your step 2 where you define your link, after you have extracted with Regex (:extract with Regex), add 2 more fields of dynamic data (field 1, find and replace “http://” with “”; field 2, find & replace “https://” with “”). The result here is all links in your database begin with “www”.

Then, in your step 4 where you display the link, simply insert the text “https://” followed by the dynamic data “Current cell’s Messages’s content:find & replace”. The result here is all displayed links will be “”. So there are no more issues with clicking on links beginning in www :slight_smile:

Holy heck, this is now built right into the text display element.
This is the little/big stuff that wins the future!