No code developers don’t optimize

Coders do

Agree to disagree, since last Thursday No-Coders optimize. :wink:


Bubble optimizes not us

If it was our job to optimize then we’d spend all day doing it

Of course we optimise.

The ‘drag and drop’ style tools don’t need it.

Anything sufficiently complex (like Bubble) and there are multiple ways of doing things.

We used to optimise for speed (and to a certain extent simplicity and robustness) but now need to do so for cost.

But we always did.


We are making the best of the new situation, hence we optimize.

No coders don’t optimize, they no code

It’s just dumb

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Actually, I often spend all day optimising.

Because Bubble is my actual job and there is an actual need to get things to work smoothly and quickly in the back end.

If what I was doing all day was optimising a dropdown … ok, maybe you have a point.

But I am hoping we are beyond the point (today) that we need to think too much about that.


Why should I spend my day making bubble work better than it should

We have optimized for many years, it’s a good habit to have, be a coder or not. And it apples to not just software.

People optimize their rooms, offices, your notes, intranet. I think it’s more unorganized people don’t optimize.


Yes, but we when create a workflow in Bubble we are basically using a black box. We don’t ask ourselves what is the most efficient way to count the number of items in a data table that matches a condition. We just use the tool that Bubble gives us to accomplish that task. The new pricing schema will now have their entire user base questioning whether they should do something the way Bubble intended them to do it or some other way because if I can figure out some other way to do it, I might save three cents.

I completely understand trying to align their pricing with the goals and objectives of their user base. I just think that they’re overlooking the fact that inside their walled garden there isn’t much choice on how you accomplish something. It’s up to them to optimize the underlying technology, not up to us to try to guess how we should best utilize that technology.

It’s like telling someone to go to the grocery store and then when they get to the checkout line, we’re going to charge them based on how they stacked their groceries in their cart.



I understand your point. Most new users don’t know a thing about data and it will take them forever (months if not years) for them to get to the point to even think about making something optimal (and not hey if it works, it works)

I also see where bubble is headed - being more scale-able. In order for that to happen, people need more control and therefore there is more complexity. With more complexity, there will also be a wrong way and right way to do things

The only way to help mitigate this issue is damn good documentation, ongoing video series, monthly blog posts, webinars, etc. Communication will be key. They can’t rely on the forums for that!

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