✨ No Code Sold - Buy and Sell No Code Projects

Hey there,

I’d like to introduce a small side project of mine that makes buying and selling no code projects as simple as joining the newsletter or submitting a form.

Check out No Code Sold

If you would like to sell a project built on Bubble, or without code on a different platform, just submit your app via the form on the site.

Any questions, comments or suggestions, just let me know!

Btw, currently building a more fleshed out marketplace in Bubble that will launch in a few weeks. Join the newsletter for updates on the launch.

I put an email on your list. Nice idea. But before collection addresses and users - have an app!

Hey @meinharttv,

Thanks for signing up! I’ve validated a few things in the past with a newsletter before building the app. Other popular startups like Product Hunt, started off with just a newsletter.

@Chris It’s a smart idea to just start with a newsletter :wink: Good initiative!


Thanks @nocodeventure! Appreciate it.

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A good start!