No data entries visible in database

Hey bubblers, I have a web app and i’ve published it live. My database does not reflects entries such as job posting/listings.

It looks like this.

Moreover, when there is a posting (by a user) it does not reflects.

Hi there, @rohitwadhwani17… there are lots of similar posts out here, so always give the forum a search because you might get a quick answer for an issue. That being said, the “fix” for this one is easy… make sure your browser zoom is set to 100% and you will see your data.


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the other fix is that you are currently looking at your development database but you have to click top right to switch to live database, which is the one users are interacting with.

Hi @mikeloc you were right. I should’ve searched about it once. I’ll keep this thing in my mind.

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Hey @mikeloc I’ve published a template in the marketplace but it doesn’t reflects in my stripe account. Does it has anything to do with the fact that I am from India and stripe doesn’t works here?