No duplicate Users?

I have a form for registering for a class. Is there a way to keep a user from creating a new account when they already have an account registered under that user name.

When a user registers for a class on my site they are NOT created as a User in the system automatically. On the back end I use a workflow to send them an email for creating their account after I have received payment (That could be weeks from original registration.)

Basically what I want to do is have the registration form let them know they are already registered inside the system, even if they haven’t been made a User.

Wow, after typing that it confused me. Maybe I answered my own question lol.

I was thinking there was some way to make a condition on the email field that recognizes the email and opens a pop up letting them know they are already inside our system and to either Login (if made a user) or call us.



By default, Bubble will not allow the User to register using an email that already exists.

My first step is they register for a class. NO User is created.

Upon payment received I create a User in the system. I know I could create a multi-page registration form and on the first step have them enter their email address and “check” to see if they are user, But honestly I have no interest in capturing EVERYONE who registers so-to-speak.

I have in the registration form, that is a little lengthy, an email field in the in the first 3 inputs. I am wondering if there is a way at that point to do a check on that email after they have moved onto the next input box.

To clarify. I have NO Place on my site where a person can create a user account. I do that all on the backend myself with a few buttons.

You might be able to do a check on “input’s value is changed.”

Maybe a Do When (or everytime) Do a search for users (email address = Input A’s value):count > 0 ?

Would that be under the Conditions on the input or under workflows?

Good question. You might be able to apply it to the “next” button on the form as a conditional, and have it be unclickable. If you do that, I’d also add text explaining why it’s unclickable.

You could create an inactive user that does not receive an activation email, and can’t request a password reset. They only go active when they pay.

I like that idea, but my form is sort of lengthy and I don’t want them to type it all in and then tell them, whoops, you are already in the system. I guess if I create a 2 page form where page 1 I check those credentials. hmmm