No Follow links in BBCode

Does anyone know if there is a “no follow” tag in BBCode? I’ve found some obscure ones through Google searching, but none seem to work.

I understand that we can “recognize links” in a text element and then mark as “no follow,” but I have a case with an app where we need to keep the anchor text and using the “recognize links” checkbox means we can’t use BBCode on the urls, and that’s the only way to have anchor text. So my constraints are:

  • Pages have text elements (not HTML)
  • The text elements have links within the text content (like a blog post)
  • The links need to have anchor text
  • We want the links to be marked as “No Follow” (aka the HTML attribute: rel="no follow")

So, is it possible to add the No Follow attribute to links in text elements with an anchor text?

I know this is easily solved if we just swap out the text elements with HTML elements, but wondering if such BBCode tags exist?

I found this:


edit: i was not so far :slight_smile:

do [url=URL nofollow=true]your link[/url]


This is exactly it! Works beautifully. I hadn’t seen nofollow=true anywhere else. Thank you, @emmanuel :smile:

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Thanks @emmanuel! By any chance is there a way to add rel=noreferrer or rel=noopener in BBCode? I have tried looking up on Google, couldn’t find something easily.