URL - BBCode Link

Hi all,

I have a small problem using BBCode and using the [URL] tag.

I’m sending a number of emails throughout my app and at the bottom of some of those, is a link which is formatted like so, inside of the SendEmail action.


The issue I have is that when you hover over it (or click it) the link is looking like this…


This is breaking the universal links I have setup, so when a user clicks this link, because it’s doing something (that I don’t understand with sendGrid) my app is not being launched, instead it’s just going straight to the webpage.

I could really do with it just simply going to https://mySite.co.uk/?id=xxxxxxxxx&type=item

So how do I fix this?

I can see it’s to do with sendGrid and I’ve removed the API key and options in Settings for the time being which has made no difference, maybe I have to wait for things to update. I’ve also tried the following in the SendEmail action but nothing works!

[url=https://mySite.co.uk/ nofollow=true]your link[/url]

[code]Click <a href="https://mySite.co.uk">here</a> to go to mySite![/code]


Fixed problem, cause was to do with link tracking which can be accessed via the Settings in SendGrid. Didn’t really need so switched them off, took a while before they started coming through how I wanted them too.



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