No have idea, but i have a dream

Dreaming daily when we will be able to make modifications directly through the “Conditionals” of the elements.

When do I think about it? Every moment, when I’m sleeping or awake


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What do you mean make changes directly through the conditionals?

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No dreaming required because it is a reality already, it’s called the “When condition is true” event and you trigger the “Make changes to a thing” action


I wish we could change states based on conditions from the conditions tab. When “x” is true, state = y.


Not the way I’m saying it, of course I can use this method.

But I’m talking about the element’s own conditionals if I can perform an action…

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For example, when you wait for a condition to happen to perform some action and use the same action to visually change some element.

You could solve everything using the element’s conditional, using just one condition instead of “do when” and the conditional on the element