[SOLVED] "Do when condition is true" element isn't available in "Only when"

I’m trying to create a “Do when condition is true” workflow, but the input element I want to select isn’t available to me in the “Only when” area:


There are 2 inputs on this page, but only one of them is available to use. I can’t see much of any difference between the two elements, so not sure why.

Any idea why this could be?

What condition so you want to use? It could be nessecary to do it on the element itself

Thanks @vincent56, when the input changes, I need to run a series of actions. Seems strange that the 1 input is available to me, but not the other 1 I want to use.

Then you probably want the when inputs value is changed action.

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That would be the one. Thank you, kind sir.

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