No one is coming to my site. Should i pay for an SEO auditor?

No one is coming to my site. And i am wondering if i should i pay for an SEO auditor.


How long is your site live?

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2 weeks

What are you doing to get people to come to your site?

I was hoping that organic traffic to a home page would suffice.

You need to set up Google Ads to help traffic to your site.

I have google ads, they literally never work at all.

Organic traffic from where?

What is your current SEO strategy?

How are your current Google rankings? (presumably non-existent if you only launched your app 2 weeks ago)?…

How many back-links do you currently have, and what’s the domain authority of those?

Have you done all of your technical (on-site) SEO?

What’s your own site’s current domain authority?

And what active steps are you taking to improve all of those things? (if the answer is none, there’s little point in paying for an SEO auditor at this stage just to tell you you’re not doing any SEO)…

Bear in mind SEO is a slow process… any new back links you get, or increases in DA or new indexed content etc., will generally take between 6 and 12 months to have any affect on your Google rankings, so you need to have a well thought-out and consistent SEO strategy, and be prepared to play the long game.

If you want immediate targeted traffic, then paid ads is the way to go…

They are also the best (and quickest) way to test the market and commercial viability of a website…

If you can’t generate revenue from paid traffic, then forget about wasting time on SEO…

Prove the concept with quick, targeted paid traffic, then once you’ve proven people will pay for your services, start a long-term SEO strategy (but be prepared to wait 6-12 months before you’ll know if it’s working or not)…


I just want to get people to the site for testing the product. You are right paid traffic should be the focus but it’s not at all working. I’ve read up on SEO but i’m still not competent.

Maybe i’m doing the ads wrong.

Yeah, but i’m saying that not even the paid ads are working. Do you have any advice about getting them to work?

Should i hire a google ads consultant?

Do you actually get traffic? Has your site even been indexed? Can you find it on Google or other search engines?

Have you promoted it on other websites, forums, etc?

Remember, Google search rankings are based on SEO, paid promotions, traffic, etc. A brand new app won’t jump to the top, so people might have to dig through many pages to find your website.

It might be an idea…

Although, based on your screenshots, it looks as though you’ve only had a few hundred clicks from Google ads, which is nothing, and you can’t draw any meaningful conclusions from such low numbers…

You’ll want at least a few thousand clicks before you can make any real conclusions, but you’ll need to be effectively tracking and testing everything, and adjusting your campaigns and landing pages accordingly…

So, paying someone who knows what they’re doing is never a bad idea…

Also, (and this will depend massively on what your app is, and who it’s aimed at) it might be worth looking at other paid ad platforms (such as Facebook)… personally I’ve always had much higher conversion rates and lower CPAs with Facebook ads than with Google ads - but again that will depend entirely on who you’re trying to reach and what you’re offering…


Here is some documentation on how to improve your search results on Google.

Hope that helps.


That’s an idea. I’ll try facebook and instagram ads maybe.