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Has anyone had success displaying ads on a web app?

I have created a web app that has obtained significant traffic through SEO and word of mouth ( I’d like to monetize the application by displaying ads when users have not upgraded to a premium account.

I have attempted to get approved by google’s AdSense program but I have been denied due to the site being a web application that does not have contextual information needed for AdSense.

Has anyone here monetized a web app created on bubble with ads?


I did, at least I could insert AdSence banners, check . There are some banners, on mobile even interestrials and the tiny ones at the bottom or top of the app.
Since there are to few users, I would not speak about monetization :slight_smile:

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Another route you might want to go is just to find a sponsor or two. If you have good traffic and a captive audience, you can find companies to buy a couple months of real estate at a decent fee. I have. better monetization luck with this than using ads.


Hey Andrew, do you provide any kind of statistics/analytics to such companies, either to get them on board or on an ongoing basis?

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If you have enough traffic and your product is nice, try partner with carbon.

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Thanks for the suggestion @andrewgassen

Thanks for sharing. I’ll check these out and report back on the experiences

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Yeah, for sure. Number of users, the type of users you have, and the engagement of your product. High engagement with a decent number of valuable users can be lucrative.

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Do you have any tips you’d like to share about the steps you took to get your bubble app to perform well for SEO purposes? I think a lot of community members would benefit from hearing from somebody who has had success with it as it seems to be a common question and concern.

For sure. I’m no SEO expert but here are the things that I have done in order to show up fairly consistently in “free retroboard” and similar google searches.

  1. Snagged a domain that was relevant to what users would search when looking for an application like mine.
  2. Put search terms that users would google when looking for an application like mine in my SEO section in settings:
  3. Joined relevant groups and spread the word about the free application
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Why don’t you submit to Google the website (web version of your app) for review instead of the app?

I have implemented Google Ads on my site. You need to have valuable unique content indexed, before Google would approve your site for adsense. For instance, even I was rejected the first time. Only after adding some additional content and getting those individual pages ranked, I managed to get in.

It is a bit difficult to get content indexed, as Bubble is Javascript, but GoogleBot can now understand and render Javascript and then index content from the output rendered html. Ofcourse, since it requires extra processing for the GoogleBot, it is typically slower than a standard HTML site. But none the less, it is all possible with Bubble too.

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Seems basic and straight forward. Good to know bubble’s SEO tools are helpful and getting recognized by Google.

Have you used it on dynamic data? For example blog posts where each blog post would have dynamic data on the page SEO settings.

@gpdmop did you ever have success implementing Adsence on your site? I don’t see any ads.
@Safroman what happened to the ads on your site? I don’t see any.
@paritosh.mehta19 I see Adsense ads on your site, but only a few – and I can easily remove them with the AdBlock chrome extension.

Is implementing Adsense (or any ads platform) on my bubble app worth the effort? With the prevalence of ad blockers, it seems like the revenue potential is very small, and I should consider other ways to monetize.

Relatedly, is anyone successfully using an ad block detector, like Adblock Checker?

What do you think?

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Agreed, we have kept minimal ads for decent user experience, but enough to make some revenue as well.

In regards to using Adblock, that right, if Chrome has an adblock extension, the ads are not displayed. I have experimented with an adblock checker as well, but most of our traffic on the site is via Mobile, and the majority of mobile browsers do not have an adblock, so it’s still worthwhile. Again depends on your content, traffic, etc. - but the best way to figure out if ads work for you is by trying it out.

Do note, it takes time for your site to be ad optimized, so would need some patience in getting optimum results.


interesting app, how did it go? i thought you have several great functions like filter and by location.