No PATCH API Response

So here’s my dilemma. I’m making a Discord bot and using Bubble as a database. When I make a patch request, it doesn’t return any response body, which causes an error in the bot console and crashes it. Is there any way to get a response? Or maybe use a different method to update a data entry in the database?

the Discord bot is making a PATCH request to Bubble? The Return data from API action lets you send something back as the response

Forgot to say… I’m using a hobby (legacy) app because it’s only a database function and I dont really think its worth spending 30 dollars a month on

I don’t think the Hobby plan allows for backend workflows, WF API, Data API, anything backend

It allows for data at the very least, because everything’s working with POST and GET

The API connector works because it’s just a plugin, but Discord is currently getting data out of your app via a WF in your backend workflows? I can’t even find articles about the Hobby plan and its features now :laughing:

Yes, and I didn’t think it would work either but it does. Everything is creating when I make a POST request so…

I think the WFs in the backend are only POST or GET, have you tried the Data API? You can do PATCH requests to update database things. Data API requests - Bubble Docs

Um ok, hold on… weird. Just for fun, I tried making a WF POST request in postman to my legacy app, and it worked…

Yeah, thats what I was doing… a PATCH request via the data API

:thinking: IDK maybe some funny business is happening with it being a legacy app.

Time for Supabase free tier

Lol. Thanks for your help though!

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