No success message catch for UPDATE_CREDENTIAL_SUCCESS - Seriously?


with Bubble it is possible to catch error messages but not success messages.
Now people say this is not a problem because actually Bubble allows to turn the success message off. But how could I ever verify without a proper success message that user credentials were successfully updated.

I have to check a lot of things upon click on “Update Password”, such as

*) The new password needs to be different to the old password
*) The password confirmation needs to match the new password
*) and in case the old password was wrong I need to make sure that the user tries a different password

At least this is an error handling which I consider to be a good user experience.
Now, after that operation is performed, I would need to guess if one of those conditions stopped Bubble to perform the operation or if all of these conditions were fulfilled so that Bubble performed this operation successfully (if I turn off the pop-up message which does not provide a good user experience).

Any hint?

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