Cannot control "Credentials successful changed" error message


I’m trying to catch the error message on a profile page (change email address, change PW, etc.). I’m using the “has an error running a workflow” type.
It catches real error message (like wrong password) but not the UDATE_CREDENTIAL_SUCCESS. Do I miss something or is there another way around?

Note: For now I just wanted to try it out so there is no “only when” - but I already tried it with an “only when” regarding the UDATE_CREDENTIAL_SUCCESS id and it doesn’t work either.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Not sure if you’re entering a typo here or if this is the issue, but it should be “UPDATE…” not “UDATE…”. You’re missing a P.

Thanks for replying. It was indeed a typo while writing this post.
It does not affect the behaviour of my App.
Should’t it be anyway catch the success message when I do not have any “only when” included? I thought in this case it should catch ALL error messages (success, wrong password,…)?

EDIT: I tried to use the AirAlert plugin and the issue was still in place. I guess it’s a bug on Bubbles side. Have filled a bug report. Will update this post once I got feedback.

@AlexK I’ve just encountered the same issue.
I found the solution here

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