Alpha Demo (Bubbler "Copilot")

Hey folks!

Been working on this for awhile and it has been quite the challenge as my first major bubble project.

What is Nocodebot:
Essentially an attempt at a copilot type functionality for bubblers, by a bubbler :heart: :us:

Current Features:

Styles Generator: A quick UI color schema generator for copy/paste into styles settings using AI

Database Gen/Entity Relationship: Suggests a full database of datatype structures to use in the build you are creating. Displays an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for datatypes that are superior/subordinate to each other in a visual manner

Workflow Optimizer: A clone of Bubble’s workflows and element editor for a single element’s workflow. The user inputs their exact values then describes the issue (error or red text being thrown by bubble), or a functionality that is not performing to their liking. AI will then troubleshoot and return an instruction.

I’m currently in alpha release seeking feedback from the bubbler community. This has been an awesome learning experience and extremely challenging. The styles gen was created with completely nocode. Workflows as well which took forever (hats off to the bubble founders @emmanuel @josh as this made me appreciate the complexity behind bubble’s design). Database Gen is custom code plugin for the ERD, using AI to actually build the plugin.

If you log in via the demo, go to “App Feedback” and provide some feedback or request a feature addition/modification.

Thank you!