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None (Custom) Style attribute error when copy page between app

I have recently run into an issue when I copied a page from one part of the app to another and I’m seeing an “Error on None (Custom) Style attribute” message.

I don’t have any style attached to the element from copied page, so I’ve this issue but It would be greate that I can kill 400 issue quickly.

I would really appreciate any guidance on how to quickly mark as solved to this 400 issue on the style attribute.

Screenshot 2566-09-20 at 10.38.16

This should be submitted as a bug report. The issue checker seems to be messed up as the issue checker should flag a style attribute issue is missing only when you have pasted in an element from another app that had a style applied to it, that the app you pasted into does not have in it’s styles tab.

There should be no reason why None(Custom) style is not a possible option as when there are No Styles, that built in None(Custom) is the ONLY option.

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Thank you for your comment. I’ll report it as a bug.

I think so, it’s should not check the stuff that don’t have style apply to it, It’s a bit of the pain to just click 400 issue to get it done with out any effective results excepted from marks those error as solved lol.

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