Style empty in preview mode

Dear Team and colleagues,

Please help me to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Since yesterday, on main page of my app predefined styles are not applied in preview mode, I can see changes in the editor but when I debugging in the preview mode style filed is empty. Some of the styles working and some of them are not. Same happened when I created a new style as well. In order to investigate I made a new page test and there everything works just fine. I made a lot of work and I can’t just give up or rebuild my existing page. Please help me to troubleshoot what can potentially cause that kind of issue.

If style is removed and parameters applied to the element, then everything work as it should, but I prefer to use styles instead of editing every element.

I have restored version to 7 days ago and then styles was applied as it should for a some time, after an hour I started experience the same issue…

This is very important to me as I need urgently continue building my app. Thank you in advance!

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