NOOB question - basic CRUD operations on lists?

I’m starting out with bubble and have a number of thing types to define. In the Editor view there’s a list/CRUD feature but can I drop this into my live app? Or do I have to recreate this functionality myself (seems like a waste of effort…)?

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Hi @richard4, welcome! :slight_smile:

This video should help you understand how to run those list operations:

You’ll need to build an interface on the front end if you want to run more a more custom workflow than the basic edit window you’re looking at in App Data. A front-end interface will also allow users of your app to trigger these workflows, whereas the back-end is just for you.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Gaby
Thanks for replying. I had already watched that video but while it was really interesting it didn’t answer my question which is kinda much more basic. At 3:45 in the video it switches to the Application Data view and you have buttons for New Entry, Modify and Delete. I would like to be able to expose these automatically-generated lists and forms within my app so I don’t have to create them myself (the system already has managed to create them, so I don’t want to have to replicate that work manually). Is it possible?

Unfortunately, that built-in feature is only available in the App Data section.

Bubble’s design area lets you replicate the functionality pretty quickly though. Repeating group elements retrieve lists via database searches that you can filter, and buttons, text, etc. can trigger the CRUD actions. Yes, you do have to build the forms yourself.

If you are looking for some pre-packaged solutions, you could check out Bubble’s template marketplace:

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