Help for my first app

Hello everybody. I’m new to bubble and trying to develop my first application. In this regard I would like to ask for some advice on how to develop the different features (I am attaching a photo to be clearer). Once the user has logged in, he finds himself in this screen. On the left menu (dark gray) there are the various requests that eventually need to be added to the form to be filled in. Therefore the user must have the possibility to press on one or more of these requests and automatically the form must be self-generated with the various sections selected. At the end of this process there must be a “send” button which saves all this information and compiles an excel document which must be updated continuously after each submission with all the requests that have been sent. Do you have any suggestions on how I could accomplish this process? Thanks a lot

Hey! Welcome to bubble!

This is what you could do.
For each item on the menu on the left, when the element is pressed, have it show a hidden element or group.

So for each item on the left have a corresponding group of input fields and text on the right (like you have above) and in that groups options un check the box “this element is visible on page load”

go to the button on the left menu that you want to show that section and click “start edit workflow”

when you go to the workflow page, add an action. Go to “element actions” and click show. Another menu will pop up and you can select the corresponding menu to appear.

As far as the send button, you have two options.

You can save the data the user enters into the bubble database and export it to a CSV file (excel) Although you will need to manually download the CSV file every time you need an updated version, but it will be updated automatically in the database. If you need help adding things to the bubble database I can show you how.

The other option is using a plugin with this functionality. I’ve seen plugins do this type of thing but im not too familiar with them.

Perfect, you have been very helpful. Thank you! I have another question.
I have to create a dropdown with a series of choices. Depending on the choice made, a certain group appears. How can I make this thing work?

Hi Luca, I hate to be of not use to you for this question. But I have built using bubble myself and am very proud of it…:slight_smile:
so if you may have any content or marketing requirements, please do let me know.


go to the workflow tab then click the empty box:
select when inputs value is changed, select dropdown

then as an action add: show group X


on group X, make it invisible on page load and on its conditional options, only visible if Dropdowns value is Y.

A drop down can be created with a plugin or you could make a manual one.

Manually, I would put a group of buttons on the page that again has the “this element is visible on page load” checked. Then on a button that you want the drop down group to appear click start edit workflow.

have it “when this button is pressed” under actions select, show, then selec the dropdowns group.

If you wanted it to have an animation so it just doesn’t instantly appear, instead of selecting show you can select “animate” when choosing an action

Then you can select from a list of animations, and I think there is a box in that menu that says “element is visible after animation” or something similar to this.

Good luck!