NOOB question - Resize fixed image so it doesn't stretch

Hi guys!

I’m in the process of putting a figma landing page in bubble. However when I upload an image in fixed, it always stretches it out with no option to resize it with ‘Rescale’ or other dynamic image elements.

I’ve seen that people can ‘trick’ the system by putting it into dynamic?

My question is:

  1. Is the fixed image feature this poor that I can’t resize it immediately after uploading?

  2. If my only option is to trick it to thinking it’s a dynamic image, how would I do so?

Thanks a lot for any help!

  • Olivier

I have encountered this problem multiple times, and I use a workaround to solve it.

Instead of putting the image as a standalone asset, I set it as the background of a group. By giving the group a set of parameters (width, height), I can decide how big the image should be. Now, since it is set as the background of a group, you can use the boxes that come with this option to control how you want the image to appear. This could be “Center the Image” or “Crop the Image to fit the element size”.

Thank you! Glad to know I can use this workaround and It wasn’t a simple oversight. Bubble needs to fix this. Really annoying small feature limitation!

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