[not a BUG] Seeking clarification on back-end workflow anomaly

I have not yet submitted an official bug report, as I’m currently just seeking input from others.

Basically, it seems that the DB is not updated immediately after a thing is created. What I see is that if the action following a Create a thing action searches the DB for the thing just created, it’s not there. Is that expected behavior?

And yes, I realize one could simply use the Result of the previous step, but that’s not what I’m asking. I’m simply asking if an action following a “Create” action in the same workflow should be able to retrieve the thing just created by searching the DB.

Any info / insights appreciated!


The answer is yes.

This is an another instance where the steps are not guaranteed to occur in sequence. It’s entirely possible (even likely) that a step which searches the DB for an object created in a previous step will not find that object because the search happens before the thing is created and saved to the DB step even though the search step comes after the create step in the WF.

A bit of an anomaly, but that’s just the way Bubble works.


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