Thing created before "create thing" workflow executed


I am having an issue and I am wondering if this is a bug in Bubble’s system. I have a workflow that when I click a check mark in a repeating group, it creates a thing in a different data type.

When I view the workflow in the debugger / step by step view, it appears that before the workflow actually begins, the thing is created. Then when I hit run next, the create thing workflow runs again, which is an issue because I have some fields whose values are conditional on the next highest value (i.e. value = current max value + 1). As a result, my whole data set gets messed up.

Has anyone had an issue with this? I see there is a post from this back in 2020, but it doesn’t seem it was every resolved., and bubble should know this is still an issue.

Hi there, @jake.whittamore… if I had known as much in June of 2020 as I know now… and if this post had existed at the time… I would have gone down the order of operations path in that thread for sure. If you haven’t seen that post, you should definitely check it out, and you should consider restructuring your workflow(s) accordingly.

The above being said, I’m not saying for sure that you aren’t running into a bug, but I think it’s more likely that the order of operations stuff is causing the issue.

Anyway, just something to consider there, and I hope it helps.


Hey @mikeloc. Thanks for the quick reply and for directing me to that post.
Let me take a look there and see if I can fix the issue. Taking a quick scan, it could be that my conditionals are at the action level and not the workflow level.

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If your create action is part of the when check mark value is change event try use a custom workflow instead.

Put all actions into a new custom workflow. Then when the check mark value is changed, use the schedule a custom event action with a .5 delay. That should help.

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